Screen Print Release: Askew, The Banquet.

Our most recent screen print release with one of New Zealand’s rising art stars Askew; embodies the progression and future direction of Dangerfork Print Co. as a fine art printing studio. Over 2 years in the making including much planning, proofing, testing, adjusting and finally printing we have created our largest fully analog traditional print edition.

The process for this print started in 2015; we met Askew whilst he was in Melbourne for the Wall to Wall Festival and a short residency at the Everfresh studio. After many discussions about art and printing we came to the idea of collaborating on a screen-print edition and approaching the process in the traditional printmaking vein. Using the various stages of production to build the artwork opposed to reproducing an existing painting or drawing as is most common with the medium. We felt this was the best was to keep the authenticity and boldness of the mark making from Askew’s painting methods whilst embracing the print making tradition. Blank films were sent to New Zealand and Askew hand painted each one to create the layering for the final print. Once the films were back in Melbourne the inks were mixed, opacities tested and the artwork was created for the first time in the form of the first printer’s proof. After consultations, adjustments to inks and screens, 2nd and 3rd proofs the edition is ready for release and has been well worth the wait! Fittingly, Askew is back in Melbourne again working in the Everfresh studio (photos below) on a short trip from his current residence in New York City where he is sharing a studio with the iconic Graffiti artist Rime. Askew has been using his time in NYC to focus on the studio side of his practice and absorb what the vibrant art scene in this cultural hub has to offer artist.


Askew artist


Askew artist


Askew artist


This print is titled “the Banquet” and comprises of 9 hand painted layers on Stonehenge 250 gsm cotton rag. The imagery is from a series of Pacific food based artworks combining the artist interest in cultural heritage and contemporary art practice through simplified graffiti strokes and marks to represent the staple plant based foods used to make many different meals in the pacific region of the world.

Artist: Askew
Print: The Banquet
Printing: 9 Colour Screen Print
Size: 76 x 77 cm
Published By: Dangerfork Print Co.
Number in Edition: 40 hand signed and numbered

askew screen print


askew screen print


askew screen print


askew screen print


askew screen print


Askew One

Reka’s Australian Visit


James Reka (AKA REKA ONE) is one of Australia’s most recognisable street art exports. Originally from Melbourne, he has since relocated to Berlin, where he has been working on large scale murals and painting projects across Europe.  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a fresh wall from Reka here in Oz so it was a was a pleasant surprise to hear he’d be back for a short stay with walls on his mind.

Not only were we fortunate enough to work with him his first ever Australian print release, we also managed to get some inside info on the walls he painted during his stay. Despite the short length of his visit, Reka managed to smash out a couple of huge murals over at Melbourne Polytechnic, two buildings each 7 storeys high! It’s really nice to see him work with typically Australian motifs and colours and honestly, you can only truly appreciate the scale of the work when you see it in person.

Melbourne Polytechnic in Melbourne, Australia:

Reka - Melb Poly 5                Reka - Melb Poly 1


“I was commissioned to paint 2 x 7-storey towers on the front facade of the Melbourne Polytechnic in Melbourne, Australia. After 3 years since my last Melbourne visit, I was very happy to be given this opportunity to paint back in my Hometown. For many years I wanted to explore Australian themes in my mural work. I decided to explore Australia’s beautiful and unique wildlife and native flora and fauna. Both murals depict native birds sitting in Australian Gum-trees. An Eastern Rosella Bird and a classic Kookaburra that both sit among Gum leaves, Blossoms and Gum Nutsthat can be seen surround the buildings location in Windsor. Through the next month staying in Melbourne I will be exploring more Australian elements in upcoming murals and artwork.” – Reka

Reka - Melb Poly 2


Regardless of time constraints he also found time to get over the Nullarbor to do some work over in Perth. Although smaller than the walls over here in Melbourne the two Perth walls are still is bursting with Rekas trademark style. Super vibrant and perfectly chosen colour schemes compliment the themes to a tee. It’s pretty amazing to see how well his work can harmonise both inside a space as well as on the outside.

 Claremont Corner in Perth, Australia:

Reka - Perth 1

“An interior wall project located at the Claremont Corner in Perth and was painted in conjunction with FORM Australia. I painted abstract landscapes on 2 walls that were located in walkways leading into the establishment. Abstract shapes resembling Flora from the outback of Australia with cropped and layered elements of the human form to balance.” – Reka

Reka - Perth 2           Reka - Perth 3      Reka - Perth 4

In-between his large scale projects he kept busy by painting some smaller works around Melbourne, so there are plenty of colour puzzles tucked into alleyways just waiting to be found by a curious stranger. Reka also mentioned to us that he will indeed return, and he has some seriously unique ideas about future projects. Personally we can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

You can follow Reka on his instagram and if you are quick enough you can still grab one of his prints here. Only a couple left though, so don’t sleep on it.

Reka One ‘EASTERN DREAMS’ Screen Print

We were fortunate enough to work together with Reka in the short window he was back here in Australia to release this 7 colour screen print entitled ‘Eastern Dreams’. It is his first ever screen print release in Australia, and was created from an original piece that was inspired by Reka’s recent time in eastern Europe. Painted specifically for this print release, forms of faces and architectural icons appear from the abstract. A puzzle of tessellating shapes and colour, Reka’s steady hand and attention to detail make this print shine.


Available 9th of March 2017


Artist: Reka One
Print: Eastern Dreams
Printing: 7 Colour Screen Print
Size: 500 x 660 mm
Published By: Dangerfork Print Co.
Number in Edition: 40 hand signed and numberedReka One Eastern Dreams limited edition print


Screen Printing Course

Learn how to screen print a multi coloured art print onto archival paper.

This is a 2 week course where you will learn how to design for screen print and hand make films! We will run through the process of coating and exposure of screens as well as colour mixing and screen set up. Always wanted to register and screen print a multi-coloured edition? Here’s your chance to do just that with professional guidance by your side.

During the course we will demonstrate the various techniques on how to hand create films and stencils using different styles and mediums before you begin collaboration on a 3 colour screen print. You will also be taught how to coat, expose and strip a screen. The last lesson is where you will learn how to colour mix and finally how to print your edition. Each session holds 6 students at a time so you will have a good amount of one on one time with our professional printers.

ink 2014_dark


learn how to screen print onto paper

IMG_8760(photo by Hayden Daniel)squarww

Screen Printing Session Times

2 x Wednesday night 6:00 – 9:00pm
March 15th and 22nd


1 x Saturday 10:30-5pm
March 25th

Purchase tickets here

Cam Scale Studio Visit

Leading up to Melbourne artist’s ‘Cam Scale’ solo exhibition in 2016, we dropped into the Juddy Roller roost where Cam works from. We got a sneak peek at his works in progress, an insight into his creative mind and a first hand look at Cam’s surroundings in his Collingwood studio.

Cam Scale Studio

Cam Scale Studio

Cam Scale Studio

Cam Scale Studio

Cam Scale Studio

WORDS: Megan Quigley
PHOTOS: Lloyd Knowles

KIRPY Westside Truck Screen Print

Late last year we started work with Kirpy on his screenprint release “Westside truck”. This artwork is made exclusively for this print but is part of the same body of work from his recent solo show ‘Kunst’ at Port Jackson Press. This was a completely analogue process using the hand cut stencils from the original painting to create the films for the print.

Kirpy is a Berlin Based artist originally from Melbourne. He works primarily with hand cut stencils to document street scenes in excruciating detail. He paints on to recycled cardboard boxes which combined with monotone rustic colour palette captures the essence and grittiness of the landscapes documented.

Printing: 6 colour screen print with a hand finished spray paint layer
Paper: Stonehenge fawn 250gsm cotton rag
Size: 56 x 76 cm
Edition: 20, signed and numbered by the artist
Price: AD$320.00

kirpy westside truck

kirpy westside truck

kirpy westside truck

kirpy westside truck

kirpy westside truck

kirpy westside truck screen print