Getting to know William Yoneyama


Recently we had a quick chat with William Yoneyama about his artistic pursuits outside of tattooing and his upcoming trip to brazil. We have a new print from William available from our store.

DF. Firstly how long have you been tattooing and what got you into it to begin with?
WY. I’ve been tattooing for about 15 years now, I got in it by accident, just kind of happend. I had no ambitions of beeing a tattooist.

DF. You have just moved to Third Eye from Tattoo Magic. Both very established shops in Melbourne. What prompted to move and how is it working in a new studio?
WY. I’ve worked at tattoo magic for 6 years and it was just time for a change, they are both really good shops. I really like working where I am now.

DF. You have established yourself as one of Australia’s leading tattooist over the years and as long as I have know you starting to dabble in creating artworks on paper through painting, illustrations and screen prints. Is this something you have done much of in the past and do you plan on pursuing these other mediums further?
WY. I’ve done bits here and there but it’s always good to do different things to tattoing when its possible I think, mix it up a bit.

DF. How do you see working on an artwork on paper as opposed to working on skin? Does one mean more to you that the other? Both mediums being permanent but in different ways.
WY. The difference to me is that the artwork is mine and I wont be worried about the person that is going wear it and wether they will like it or not. The paper doesn’t talk, move or complain either (haha).

DF. Do you approach both with the same process or does it vary from one medium to the other? If so how?
WY. If it’s a tattoo I think you have to always be ready to do it, and your also using someone else’s time so it has to be done when the person is there (most of the time anyway) and on anything else its my own time, so I try to do it when I feel like doing it,(most of the time it will be under pressure cause theres a dead line and I’v been lazy …)

DF. We are working on a new print with you to release through our website and for you to take with you on a trip to Brazil. What’s happening over in Brazil?
WY. I’m going on a trip over to visit my family and friends, also for a tattoo convention called good moments tattoo meeting, I’ve been to the first one and it was a lot of fun, so im looking forward to it!

DF. Finally what can we expect from you in the future as tattooist, artist and human being? And how can we find out about this (website, facebook, ect?)
WY. I just wanna keep doing what I’m doing and try to get better at it, get on the king fish 30kg club and all be a happy man!