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How long is an internship?

Our internship placements are available one month at a time and for two days a week (you get to choose the two days that are better for you, either Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday).

We’d like to give you plenty of opportunity to settle into the studio and become a confident, comfortable and useful part of the team.

What qualifications do I need?

All we require is your keen-ness to learn, an interest in what we do and a good attitude!

What is an internship all about at DF?

At Dangerfork Print Co we handle all operations in house from design, separations, screen set up, printing and finishing. We also offer a giclee printing service and have an online gallery. As we are a small business and fully operated with 3 staff you will get a feel for how a small business operates. On the down side as we are a small operation our output capacity is limited and there may be some down time for you to ask plenty of questions.

What tasks will I be doing?

The tasks you will be taught and exposed to include

File and screen set up – We will go over all the types of separation process and how we out-put films. This will include being shown how to expose a screen.

Washing of screens – This will be a major part of your roll

Colour mixing

Hand trimming of giclee print orders

There will be no printing involved although there will be plenty of opportunities to observe the printing process along the way.

Is this a paid internship?

No Sorry, this is not a paid internship.