About This Print


The artist’s obsession with decaying flowers stems from a desire to portray the pure and natural beauty of imperfections, unconventional in a modern society striving for flawlessness. Fluid, dreamlike shapes caused by the warping of once pristine petals and leaves may crystallise into unexpected recollections in the eye of the observer; the progression of decay has added a satisfying individuality to its subject. Exploration of the past and future of oneself, reflected in the image, is encouraged by the abrupt freezing of the ever-flowing life cycle of the rose. Captured like stills in a time lapse video, the lives of the roses are asking to be rewound or played. Three different rotations of the same rose are depicted, highlighting the importance of perspective and providing the pieces with continuity when hung together for maximum visual impact. In the originals, gentle watercolours were contrasted with typically harsh biro pen to create stunningly detailed works that portray both the beauty and mortality of the roses.

Artist: Danni Holmes

Print: Decaying Rose I

Printing: Giclee Print

Edition: First Edition

Published By: Dangerfork Print Co.

Published On: May 2017

Number in Edition: 50 hand signed and numbered


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Gicleé print


300gsm Smooth 100% Cotton Rag


210 x 297 mm


50 Signed and Numbered