About This Print


EGO is a 6 layer hand foiled screen print created especially for Lucy Lucy’s upcoming exhibition PRESENCE.

The pieces explore the notion of individuals being present and truly connecting with one another. The artwork seeks to reflect our ability to be here, now and real. Her portraits capture human tendency to obsess about future, past or their perception of themselves. Concealing masks reflect the idea that rarely oneself is entirely present or true. An ever evolving façade of charm can subtly fool us. This veneer of charm can shift from one person to another, from place to place, hiding a person’s clear soul or real persona. The delicate filters mislead gently the inward and outward perception.


Artist: Lucy Lucy

Print: Ego

Printing: 6 layer screen print with gold foil

Edition: First Edition

Published By: Dangerfork Print Co.

Published On: April 2017

Number in Edition: 40 hand signed and numbered


Screen print, with a hand finished foil layer


Artistico 300gsm 100% cotton rag


500 x 700 mm


40, signed and numbered

Lucy Lucy Gold Foil Screen print