About This Print


MARISE MAAS – Most of Maas’ work is based on the ordinary and everyday, exploring the remarkable mundane.

Informed by the bubble of her own local surroundings and domestic family life, Maas is interested in glorifying the banal.

Her work deals with making the ‘unimportant’ important, by looking at the smaller details to find bigger stories. 

Horses are a reoccurring theme in Maas’ work. This stems from childhood, “I’ve loved horses always and all my early drawings were of horses, they were probably the first thing I ever drew. I’ll often use the horses as stand-ins for people when depicting a situation. Horses are easier to draw and better looking. People also seem to read way too much into it when I’m using human figures.”

City Horse is a 3 colour, hand-pulled screen print on Fabriano Rosapina 285gsm. The lone yellow horse stands bold against the negative space and exudes warmth and light. Subtle colour overlaps and textural outlines give the print a natural and informal feeling.

City Horse is Marise’s first artwork printed here at Dangerfork Print Co, hopefully with many more to follow. 


Artist: Marise Maas

Print: City Horse

Printing: 3 Colour Screen Print

Edition: First Edition

Published By: Dangerfork Print Co.

Published On: November 2016

Number in Edition: 50 hand signed and numbered


Screen print


Fabriano Rosapina 285gsm


470 x 670 mm


Limited edition of 50 hand signed.

Marise Maas - City Horse