About This Print


Tony Irving is a Melbourne based realist painter who started his career in the mid 1960’s. His sought-after works can be found in the collections of galleries such as Australian National Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria and Benalla Regional Gallery. Needless to say we are delighted to have worked with Tony to bring you his first ever screen print release.


Tony has spent many hours painting and drawing our urban environment capturing the intricacy of emptiness. He can take something that seems simple yet familiar and weave a narrative without overpowering the scene. The original piece “Motel” is a large scale painting that is now in a private collection. Tony explained the meaning of the image as something a little deeper than just a streetscape. The decaying mid-century motel houses a cat in the window, perhaps insinuating a “cathouse”, while two birds wait patiently out front. Without being overt the image allows the viewer to draw their own conclusions by giving just a hint of context.


When transforming the artwork into a screen print we opted to reproduce the photorealistic painting into a CMYK process print. This allows for a full colour print through colour blends and overlays without any loss of detail.


We hope you love this print as much as we do…

Artist: Tony Irving

Print: Motel

Printing: 4 Colour Screen Print

Paper: Rosapina 285gsm White

Edition: 30 Signed and Numbered

Size: 65 x 50 cm

Published On: February 2018


Fabriano Rosapina 285gsm White


97 x 67 cm


30 Signed and Numbered

Tony Irving - Motel 4
Tony Irving - Motel 1
Tony Irving - Motel 2
Tony Irving - Motel 3