Seasons of Change 5 – ‘Spring’ featuring the Safehouse Studio

This Friday is the next instalment of the Seasons of Change exhibition series, this show “Spring’ features the artists from the Safehouse Studio in Richmond. We Caught up with Jimmy D from Graffixcreative and had a chat about how the S.O.C series came about and where its heading in the future.

DF: What is Seasons of Change and when did it start?
GC: Presented by Revolver and Graffix Creative the event runs on the first Friday of every three months at Revolver upstairs – coinciding with the change of season. Each event will feature a different artist or group, including graffiti artists, street artists, fine artists and illustrators. They will be given materials to paint the awesome rooftop wall at Revs, this mural will last for the entire three months until the next event. Each event will also feature limited edition screen prints, signed and numbered. Hand-printed locally by Dangerfork. The artists will also be showing canvas and other work on the night. These will be available for sale and can be picked up at the end of the event. The first event we held was with the Royal Deviates in September 2011.

DF: Where did the idea for seasons of change come from?
GC: The publicist from revolver, who is a good mate of ours approached us after our former gallery – Per Square Metre (run with Sear, Dabs and Myla)- shut down. She asked us to come up with an event that would help to boost Revolver as the arts hub it used be. We decided to create an event to showcase the work of up coming and underrated artists. Usually having a Gallery show leads to hidden costs that many artists aren’t aware of, so we figured lets try give some artists the opportunity to showcase their work without these costs. It gives them the chance to create some hype about themselves and earn some cash at the same time!

DF: Who are some of the Artists that have exhibited in the past?
1st – Royal Deviates – Jors and Shem
2nd – Cam Scale and Aida Sabic
3rd – Sabeth and Frame
4th – Frost, Ulcer, Pnoid and Mayo

DF: With the 4 shows that has been on over the last year what has been a highlight for you?
GC: The highlight for us would be seeing the event grow and get bigger and better each time. Every show has had a really good atmosphere and lots of great feedback.

DF: What do we have to look forward to from Seasons of Change? Who are some of the Artists you have in mind for future shows?
GC: I don’t want to give away too much but next year we have some big things planned! Some well known Aussie crews, Interstate artists and some very special overseas guests. Stay tuned! Also we have the Safehouse show on next month and the SDM show in December.

DF: Where can we find out about the upcoming shows?