Outta Tune Wrap Up

If you couldn’t make it to the Outta Tune show in Melbourne the other week, It is currently showing at Church in Brisbane tonight (Friday the 17th) for one night only.

More than six months ago the initial idea for the show was kicked around the studio. Half a year (and more than 5000 layers of ink) later the idea came to life. Along the way we got to work with 12 exceptionally talented artists from Australia and beyond.  We were lucky enough to have 2 incredible music acts support the works with some appropriate audible bliss.

The night started early with Chewbacca serving drinks and afternoon sun throwing through the warehouse windows. As the sun dipped things started to heat up and Chewy disappeared to someplace colder.

Outta Tune-2

The room dimmed and coloured lights glowed from every corner. Each piece sat spotlit in the center of it’s own stage and anywhere you looked there was something to catch your eye. Huge stacks of amps waiting patiently in one corner with a pop-culture mashup mural by Ling peering from behind. Spotlights attached to the rafters and worn wooden floors made the place feel like you were going to a show, not just some stuffy exhibition. There were metallic inks sparkling, fluro inks popping under UV lights, and people everywhere.

Outta Tune-12

Outta Tune-7

Just as the room was reaching capacity with the last afternoon glow coming through the skylights ‘Eaten by Dogs’ stepped behind the amps and played a cracker of a set. After a brief interval ‘Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene’ took to the stage to rattle the roof with their signature huge sounds. In the meantime folks were snatching up prints and tees from the bar giving the staff a proper workout.

When the bands finished up some time was spent grooving to Quentin Tarantino inspired songs and many people took one last chance to gaze over the works before heading home (or out into the night).

Outta Tune-28

This incredible night couldn’t have been possible without the hard work and support from many people. Huge thanks to all of our sponsors Levis, Melbourne Bitter, Sailor Jerry’s & Redbank Wine. Thank you to the entire roster of artists ; Andy Murphy, Ben Brown, Callum Preston, Cassie Stevens, Celeste Potter, Funeral French, Joe Whyte, Keepsake Designs, Rhys Cooper, Steve Cohen, Travis Price & Vance Kelly. You guys pushed the brief further than we could imagine. Your creativity and passion is boundless. Thanks to the bands ‘Eaten By Dogs’ and ‘Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene’ for making the party cool enough to get noise complaints. Thanks to the friends and family who lent a helping hand right the way through.

All the prints are now available to purchase through our online store.

Photos by Will Graznak and Melbourne Bitter.