p1xels is a Melbourne-based photographer whose subculture-specific photo documentation of the graffiti scene has spanned over nine years. She has worked with highly-regarded local and international artists, documenting their artistic expression. Her dark and moody compositions are an insight into her passion for exploring urban environments. It is apparent in her work that she has developed a specific style: a triangulation between subject matter, viewpoint and the interpretation of light.
Preferring to work alone, p1xels has investigated and shot across diverse urban environments. The past four years has seen p1xels travel extensively, both internationally and domestically, allowing her to photograph artists and writers at work, and to investigate empty urban places. She documents these desolate, isolated and beautiful environments through her photography providing a glimpse into a world in which she is fascinated and one which would otherwise not be seen.
Beyond abandoned locations, graffiti belongs at the heart of p1xels ͛ work. In a medium where tags and ‘pieces’ have only a short life span, her portfolio of images allows these works to live on, long after ‘the buff‘ has removed any trace of them.