Limited edition art print shop and publishing house in Melbourne Australia

Coming to life in 2010, Dangerfork is a Melbourne based boutique printing company and print gallery with the passion of having artists printing for artists.

Dangerfork specialises in fine art screen printing on paper, we can also produce high quality digital gicleé prints and print on to a range of other mediums including wood, canvas and glass. We endeavour to maintain the highest possible level of quality and workmanship, because as artists ourselves we understand the importance of your work.

Not only is Dangerfork an expert screen printing service, we are also a print gallery that can be visited by anyone, anywhere (online), showcasing and selling work from Australia’s bubbling cauldron of great and unique talent. Our collection displays limited edition art prints in a wide variety of styles, including tattoo art, street art and graffiti; low-brow art, high-brow art and everything in between. Dangerfork is comprised of the creative couple Chris Drummond & Megan Quigley. Chris’ love for art grew from painting the streets of Melbourne, Amsterdam, London and other parts of Europe, and even venturing to brighten the streets of Asia and Africa. Megan’s background is in fashion and design, giving her a great eye for detail, which is shown in her beautiful and extensive collection of prints from around the world. The artistic duo not only share years of experience between them in the art, fashion & design industry, they also share the same passion and enthusiasm for what they do here at Dangerfork.

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