About This Print


Mike Makatron –  is a painter who works in a variety of media mainly on walls, canvas and illustration on paper. He has travelled and created work around the world, painting the Berlin Wall to the River Ganges. At 20, he received a scholarship to study art in New York, which lead to working as a bike messenger for 10 years in 10 cities, and leaving his mark on many walls.  An active member of Everfresh Studio since 2006, Mike has exhibited extensively through Australia as well as group shows in Brazil, Japan, Miami and New York,  and has works in private and public collections locally and abroad, including acquisitions by the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

His work is preoccupied with the interface between man, beast and machine. Presenting a visual riot that stimulates the mind, Mike’s art conveys an imperative message to those confined in the concrete jungle to stay connected to the animal within them that lives in the natural world.

He is based in Melbourne Australia, but has been known to wander in other dimensions.

This 6 colour hand pulled screen print was taken from an original painting created for “The art of Banksy” auction. It represents the power of mother earth while playing with the concept that all living things cycle through life and death. Each plant or animal has its method of sexual reproduction and self replication….

Artist: Mike Makatron

Print: Apple Hard Core

Printing: 6 Colour Screen Print

Edition: First Edition

Published By: Dangerfork Print Co.

Published On: February 2016

Number in Edition: 40 hand signed and numbered SOLD OUT


Screen print


White Smooth 220gsm


570 x 300 mm


Artist Proof