About This Print


Together & Alone is a 4 colour screen print with a hand painted background making each print in the edition unique. The print is a companion piece to Alone & Together, a piece Tom Civil first created back in 2016. Just like his famous stick folk the sheep in this image are representations of Tom’s personal connection to the land and the city. They live, eat,  and move across the landscape.

Each print has a hand painted background creating a very rich and organic print that reflects the hush rusted outback of Australia, and making every one in the edition unique.

Even within a flock you’ll find many black sheep.

Tom Civil is a Melbourne artist and is based out of the Everfresh Studio’s Collingwood. Originally growing up in New England, NSW and coming from a family of sheep farmers, Civil has drawn inspiration from his family’s farm near Willow Tree in Hunter valley in NSW. Staying true to the credos of street art, Civil utilises his knowledge in printmaking, punk aesthetic and irony to create social, political, and humanist pieces.


Artist: Tom Civil


Printing: 4c Screen Print

Paper: Fabriano Rosaspina 220gsm

Edition:  22 Signed and Numbered

Size: 100 x 70cm

Published On: November 2018


Screen print


Fabriano Rosaspina 220gsm Cotton Rag


100 x 70cm

Tom Civil Screen print